Family Fitness Resolutions You Can Actually Do

New Year, New Family Fitness Resolutions!

New Year’s is a great time to make changes and resolutions to make better fitness habits. The resolve is there, the goals seem fresh, and everything is new. One of the easiest ways to stick with new habits is by making them fun, realistic, and easy to track. Fitness goals are often customized to each person, which can lead to different diets in the home and less time together while each person works out or engages in a sport.

Instead of going at it alone, why not make the new year a fitness and health adventure for the whole family?

While you are focused on self-improvement at the beginning of the year, take the opportunity to instill good fitness habits in the little ones, as well as teach them how they can incorporate new goals into their lives. Plus, their enthusiasm can be motivating. Often, young children can be excited to try new activities and can keep you on track to be successful!

Here are four health and fitness goals to try as a family in 2021:
  1. Eat more greens. This one winds up on most health and fitness lists, and there’s a good reason for that! Leafy greens have tons of nutrients that are good for growing bodies, and adults too. While little ones can be picky, there are ways to slowly introduce these veggies to them early. For some creative and tasty recipes using heart-healthy greens, tune in next month!
  2. Try new ways to exercise every week. Thanks to the internet, it is super easy to discover new exercises, workout routines, or ways to get out the wiggles. Finding a YouTube video with exercises the whole family can participate in allows everyone to get engaged and move their bodies in new ways, which is important because repetitive workouts get less effective over time. Set up a dojo your first week and have everyone try karate. The following week try learning a new dance from your toddler’s favorite show. See what’s new and keep family time dynamic.
  3. Visit one new park this month. Going to parks, walking trails, or hikes depending on where you live, can help you see the world in a new way, discover new animals and plants, and get moving. It also expands your community. Going on walks outdoors is a source of Vitamin D from the sun and is good for mental health. While getting out isn’t necessarily possible every weekend, make an effort to research parks or trails your family has never been to, and go visit it for a few hours. Make sure it is stroller friendly for tykes!
  4. Discover a new healthier, dessert alternative. Sweets are great, but they can have negative side effects long term. They increase blood sugar levels which crash quickly, are addictive, create cavities, and lead to many other health problems. But not all sweets are equal. There are naturally sweet items in nature like dates which can be a good substitute in homemade treats. Some people like alternatives like chocolate zucchini cake. Do some research and see if your family can find a sweet treat that is a better alternative to candy.

With the new year comes new chances to get more fit and have a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. There are so many family fitness goals to be set!

Let’s start the new year off well! What are your new family fitness resolutions?

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